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A group of volunteers holds a sign that reads Volunteer With Us at Bayleigh Chase in Easton, MarylandVolunteer with us at Bayleigh Chase. We are looking for dynamic, energetic volunteers who desire to work in a variety of programs including music, art, discussions, social events and physical programs. Additionally, volunteers are needed to connect one to one with residents who enjoy conversation and building personal relationships that will help foster additional engagement. Bayleigh Chase also welcomes community groups and student organizations to share their talents and interests.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What volunteer opportunities are available?

At Bayleigh Chase we like to match volunteers with opportunities that best meet their interests and comfort level. Opportunities include: music, art, cooking, gardening, one on one visits, walking groups and fitness programming. We also have opportunities at special social events and spiritual services.

What kind of time commitment is required?

Time commitments vary according to your individual interest and schedule. Typically two to three hours per volunteer session. Regular weekly, monthly or daily volunteers are most appreciated. Call Lisa Petroske or Louise Montgomery with any questions at 410.822.8888.

Can I earn student service learning hours while volunteering at Bayleigh Chase?

Yes, you can earn student service hours by volunteering at Bayleigh Chase.We welcome students and encourage them to share their talents and gifts with the individuals who live at Bayleigh Chase. For more information on earning student service hours please call Lisa Petroske or Louise Montgomery at 410.822.8888.

Please contact Lisa Petroske or Louise Montgomery at 410.822.8888 with any questions about becoming a volunteer for Integrace Bayleigh Chase.

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Take a Virtual Tour of Our Model Cottage
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