Recreation and Engagement at Bayleigh Chase

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Recreation and Engagement at Bayleigh Chase

As a continuing care retirement community (CCRC), Integrace Bayleigh Chase is focused on the interests and strengths of each individual, explains Louise Montgomery, AC-BC, ADC CDP, Director of Recreation and Engagement. “Daily routines are designed to provide a sense of comfort and inspiration that helps individuals retain their abilities. Our goal is to provide a discovery of life.”

Meaningful Opportunities for Every Individual

By honoring the uniqueness of each person, Bayleigh Chase offers meaningful opportunities for all residents, whether they reside in independent living, assisted living, comprehensive care or rehabilitation. “It’s all about knowing the person!” emphasizes Louise. “Every day, we offer programs which promote social bonding and supportive relationships.” Another benefit of participating in recreational programs is the boost to cognitive health that occurs when a person engages in conversation and interacts with others.

To determine what activities might provide the most meaningful engagement, the Recreation and Engagement team can review a resident’s Leisure Preference assessment. “This assessment is vital to help define a person’s habits, strengths, and interests,” explains Louise. “Having an understanding of what empowered a person in their career can enable the Recreation department to emphasize the activities that are most likely to appeal to that resident.”

For those who enjoy the outdoors, Bayleigh Chase’s beautiful 35-acre campus provides countless ways to stay active, while our library and performing arts groups and connect our residents with their creative sides.

Choose Activities to Encourage Your Well-Being

Each individual is encouraged to express their opinions and have autonomy in decision making around activities. “We offer a wide variety of recreational pursuits which can include creative arts, music, games, health and wellness, and spiritual needs,” Louise adds. “Finally, an understanding what provides comfort to someone is also important.”

There are many aspects of recreational activities that can provide an enormous boost to residents’ health, including physical, mental and social benefits. “These opportunities provide enjoyment, along with giving meaning to everyday life,” Louise says. “It’s important to remember that recreation’s purpose is not to keep someone busy but to keep them engaged and to promote their well-being.”

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